The GovCon Alliance Government Contracting@Scale Webinar Series

On the second Wednesday of the month), the GovCon Alliance presents an online 60-minute webinar called “Contracting@Scale” where we call on one of our Members or Partners to present a Government Contracting Best Practice webinar to overview a topic of interest, a contracting best practice, or a tips and techniques presentation to the government contracting community.

Sometimes we will reach out to noted speakers and presenters, or featured service providers or vendors who service the Government Contracting Market to present a key topic or market trend, as well as provide insight to the ever-changing Government Contacting Landscape.

We Launched the Webinar Series in September 2022:

Initially, a small group of GovCon Alliance members decided they wanted to put together a local (Colorado Springs) 1-day Seminar that would feature a number of best practices, tips and techniques and key strategies to help grow the Government Contracting Ecosystem here in Colorado. We quickly realized that we could not “Fit” all the required topics into a comprehensive format, so we did a “Pivot” and turned the concept into a monthly Webinar Series with our first one in October of 2022:

The first webinar, “Early-Stage Companies – 10 Tricks/ Ten Traps” was received well by the GovCon Community, so we decided to add topics and speakers and plan out a schedule of webinars for the end of 2022 and into 2023. Since then we have held over a dozen webinars spanning a wide variety of topics in the Government Contracting space. Below are some thumbnails of some of our past webinars. For a closer look and slide review click on a webinar graphic:

For more information regarding the Contracting@Scale Webinar refer to our Webinar Series and Registration Page here:

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